So Not Worth it (2021) Episode 3 English Sub

 The following So Not Worth it (2021) 3 with English Sub has been released. Watch and download So Not Worth it (2021) Episode 3 free english sub in 360p, 720p, 1080p HD at Asianload.

New friends, new loves, and new experiences mix together inside a colorful college dormitory in Seoul that's home to students from around the world.

Se Wan is a teaching assistant who is in charge of managing the dorm. Jamie is a new student at the dorm from America. Sam is the son of the president of a tteokbokki global food chain who grew up in Australia. Minnie is a student from Thailand who has a lot of fantasies from watching Korean dramas. Hyun Min is a stateless Korean student who was not able to enter the dorm and has to commute five hours each day to school.        
Native Title: 내일 지구가 망해버렸으면 좋겠어 
Also Known As: Hope That The Earth Collapses Tomorrow , I Wish the World Would End Tomorrow , I Wish the World Would be Destroyed Tomorrow , Naeil Jigooga Manghaebeoryeotseumyeon Joggeseo , Naeil Jiguga Manghaebeolyeosseumyeon Johgesseo 
Screenwriter: Seo Eun Jung, Baek Ji Hyun 
Director: Kwon Ik Joon, Kim Jung Shik 
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth, Sitcom

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